Testing the final product: To find out whether or not you have been successful in the making of your product it needs to be tested. Testing your product is best done by the intended user. It needs to be evaluated in 2 ways:

one in its functional sense. Does it do what you said it was going to do in the brief?
The second is comparing it to your specification and does it satisfy the points?

Remember to produce a series of questions (Questionnaire) that can be used in your evaluation and analysis of the final product. If possible take photographs of it in use. Make notes and suggestions for improvement.

Does it satisfy the specification? You should have produced a Product Design Specification that was the basis of your product. Use the specification as bullet points and discuss whether or not it satisfies each of the points, if it does say how it does, if it doesn't state that instead. If it does not suggest ways of improving the product so it will match the specification.

Evaluate the design process, the good and bad points.

Evaluate the making process, as above.

Highlight ways of improving the product,
could be in quality of finish, making etc.

Produce a summary of all your findings and what you have learned while carrying out this project, if you can remember things you have learned it should help you in the exam.

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