Project outlines are given so that you can choose an area in which to begin your project. There are many different exam boards that each have their own project outlines, and some who leave the project outlines down to your school.

It is basically an area to develop. I am considering a few alternatives for my Year 11 pupils and one area I will be using will be based around storage.

Example: In your home there are many things that need to be stored, choose a particular item or set of items that need storing and design and make a suitable solution to your storage problem. This is a common project outline but how you deal with it is up to you.

Advice: Ask your family what problems they have with storage. Different members of your family will have different needs. Your parents or guardians may have different needs from your brothers and sisters, they may also have different needs from your grandparents or neighbours.

Analyse the task: Produce a spider diagram listing everything that requires storing in your home (see Task Analysis).
Next look at each need then develop a Design Situation. (See Example)

Then produce a second spider diagram looking at all areas of your preferred project

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Project Outlines will be given to help you decide on the type of project to undertake.

Are you ready to produce this much paperwork?

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