Design Situation (Problem)

In my home we have a particular problem storing shoes, we all leave our shoes in the Hallway and when we use the telephone we sometimes trip over them. We have a telephone seat but it is a box type with nowhere to store shoes can you help?

Advice: The design situation identifies the problem and helps you develop the Design Brief.

The Design Brief: The design brief tells the reader what you will be doing. Make it brief, you will need to develop the final solution to the problem over many hours.

Example: Design and make a suitable storage unit for shoes that can also be used as a telephone seat.

Next:  Initial Statement of Requirement (ISR)

When you have decided on the brief and the type of product you will make, you need to produce a second spider diagram. This spider diagram (or Initial Statement of requirement  [ISR]) will be used to help guide you through your areas of research

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